Artist Statement

Helena Moyer’s artistic career began with a strong interest in self-awareness and introspection. This has led her to explore vulnerability as a quality inherent in human beings that allows for inner growth, love and empathy.

Helena’s work captures how she perceives the vulnerability of her surroundings. Through figurative paintings, she portrays the universal feelings of love for self and others, which she expresses through the use of symbolic elements.

The Flowers of my Garden

“The flowers of my garden” is the artist’s latest collection, which is currently in progress. This collection is a catalogue of flowers: each painting is titled with the name of the flowers that it contains, and through their meanings, they tell stories of the people that the artist portrays.

Helena has found in them a way to speak of love, empathy, affection and vulnerability. The artist believes that love is transparent, vulnerable and reciprocal, and plays with the transparency of the elements in the painting to reflect these values.

“The flowers in my garden” speaks of the privilege of seeing the people we love in bloom, and of the gratitude for the love, affection and time that they give us. In each of the following paintings, the artist invites the viewer to make an open interpretation, where the flowers grow inside the people portrayed, and where a part of these flowers is mindfully placed to be “given” to the viewer.

Full collection coming soon in 2024

Calas y Zinnias

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Oil on raw linen, 100x85cm *Calla Lilies: Guiding light / Zinnias: Friendship

Anémonas y Mimosas

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Oil on raw linen, 100×85 cm *Anemones: /Mimosas:

Previous collections



“At the feet of my Shadow” embodies the idea of self-acceptance throughout seven paintings. It portrays the development of a dialogue between a woman and her shadow. The collection speaks of acceptance as a necessary path to healing the relationship with oneself.

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Contact for enquiries

Hi! It’s Helena. I’m here to help you through any of the questions you may have. My focus is to make your experience of buying art as personal to you as possible.